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Cozy Heater Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater-Technical Data

There are bound to be some losses of heat due to above factors and the losses increase linearly as the temperature in the room goes up. When study state is reached losses will be equal to energy of heating provided in the room.

If a room is not becoming 'warm enough', it means that the heat energy from Cozypanels is being lost to outside of the room even at low temperatures. The remedy lies in arresting the losses or installation of higher wattage.

Any room Panel Heater with rated power will give corresponding heat energy. There is no way a Panel Heater can give less or more heat than what it is designed for.

Temperature on panel corresponds to the power of heater and the temperature of the room. When the room temperature reaches 25oC (77oF) the surface temperature of the panel increases to 85oC approximately. If the room temperature is low due to high losses corresponding surface temperature of panel will be low. This doesn't mean that Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater is not giving heat energy. In other words surface temperature of panel is no indication to heat energy being provided. It only indicates proportion of losses to the input heat energy.

Surface cracks do not affect safety or functioning. Cozy Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heaters are constructed with matching material that will not crack during normal running condition. But it is essential that mounting, installation instructions are followed strictly to avoid lateral stresses while fixing.

Cozy-Heater Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heaters are free from any maintenance. Panel can be wiped with wet cloth leaving the switch. It can be switched on again after 15 minutes.

Accidental spillage of water (Not drenching) that might have fallen on the panel will not effect the performance. Wipeout visible water droplets with panel switch off and then switch on after 15 minutes. The panel is not constructed to be splash proof and hence drenching of panel may make it unsafe, get it tested for insulation by competent person before using such panel.

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Albany, NY

Great Value For Money

I live in new york. I bought 2 of these heaters for small size bedrooms. Easy to install, great quality, smooth finish.Very safe to use even around children as it runs on the principle of convection.

Michael Ryan

One of the best in market

ordered this product earlier this month and I am very satisfied with it. It comes in a great and safe packaging and and it is really easy to install.This heater is smaller than we thought. It does the job it said it would do. Pulls a lot less electric power than others in the market. If your watching penny's this is the best heater for you.