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Cozy Wall Mounted Electric Room Heaters - Product Information:

Cozy-Heater Electric Room Heater is a well known, safe, efficient and economical Wall Mounted Electric Room Heater in US that is fixed onto partition walls. Convection currents that are formed distribute the heat energy from the Wall Mounted Room Heater to give background warmth in the room.

Cozy-Heater Wall Mounted Electric Room Heater is tested for insulation of over 3000 volts and has no metallic parts. Heating wire of the Room Heater is sealed in a special fire resistance resin and hence is quite safe. Panel is triple insulated for safety.

The Wall Mounted Room Heater has large area of 1 sq.ft. to dissipate 100 watts keeps the surface at lower heat temperatures and nonmetallic enclosure prevent fast flow of heat when touched by bare hand accidentally.

As there are no moving parts and heating element being at low temperature gives safety and longevity, thus making it one of the best Energy Efficient Room Heaters available.

25oC (77ooF) of Ambient the surface temperature on board is 90oC (194oF) after 2 hours.

Surface Temperature - Max 90oC

At 25oC (77ooF) Ambient 194oF

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Cozyness Close To You....!!!

I recently purchased this heater and this has really been efficient and effective in full filling the needs in these severe weather condition. this is easy to mount and very safe to plug around and use cozyness close to you....!!!

Brendon K Powell

Excellent performance

I live in kansas city and it is very cold her (-25c) i have bought this product and it has done a wonderful job . The electricity bill is not out of control and the product is very efficient. For the said price range and the performance it is a must have .