Cozy Heaters-Features & Benefits:

  1. Cozy-Heater has no in-built fans and instead rely on gentle, natural, convection currents, there is no noise and no stirred up dust, thereby eliminating the airborne dust problem for asthmatics and other allergy suffering people. We are one of the more versatile wall mounted Space Heater Suppliers in US.
  2. Cozy-Heater has the widest range of Efficient Electric Heaters in US and can be used continuously, even at room temperatures reaching 25°C.
  3. Cozy-Heater is the only Low Energy Electric Heater available with optional 'wings' (patent applied for) to protect the panel from overheating if it is inadvertently covered.
  4. Cozy-Heater's attractive slim design have minimal wall protrusion.
  5. Cozy-Heater can be painted to match the decor of a room.
  6. Cozy-Heater incorporate latest technology and scientific matching of materials.
  7. Cozy-Heater has no exposed electric heating elements.
  8. Cozy-Heater's 'no fan design' means Eco Friendly Heaters with no circulated airborne dust.
  9. Cozy-Heater is very economical to run and is renowned as Energy Efficient Room Heaters in US.
  10. A 400W Cozy-Heater heating panel heats a 12m2 room (see Selection Guide).
  11. Cozy-Heater is designed to be left on for long periods of time.
  12. Cozy-Heater is safe for children, disabled persons and pets.
  13. Cozy-Heater is ideally suited for asthma and dust allergy sufferers.
  14. Cozy-Heater won't aggravate respiratory problems.
  15. Cozy-Heater is very easy to install. Cozy-Heater panels are supplied with a Mounting Kit and Templet.
    To mount panel:
    • Read all supplied instructions
    • Select best wall position
    • Using Templet, mark mounting hole positions
    • Drill holes as marked and insert the supplied anchors
    • Screw Mounting Legs to inserted anchors
    • Fit Cozy-Heater panel and check panel fit to Mounting Legs
    • Panel has slide freely on mounting legs
    • Snap fit Caps onto Mounting Legs
    Uniqueness of Cozy-Heater
    • Highest safety – Triple insulated
    • Protruded wings–Prevents fire hazard when covered by oversight, patent applied for
    • Packed to withstand Drop test –Avoids transit damages
    • Higher rating in Range – 600Walso available.
  16. Cozy Heater is a well known Low Energy Electric Heater. Cozy-Heater is supplied with heat barrier film (as a standard) to avoid heat loss to wall behind.

Happy Customers :)


Cozyness Close To You....!!!

I recently purchased this heater and this has really been efficient and effective in full filling the needs in these severe weather condition. this is easy to mount and very safe to plug around and use cozyness close to you....!!!

Brendon K Powell

Excellent performance

I live in kansas city and it is very cold her (-25c) i have bought this product and it has done a wonderful job . The electricity bill is not out of control and the product is very efficient. For the said price range and the performance it is a must have .